The Yukon Chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society champions the territory’s wilderness, its water and wildlife. We help create protected areas, wilderness corridors and large parks – like Tombstone Territorial Park and the Fishing Branch Wilderness Reserve – and we work to keep the True North wild and free.

Based in Whitehorse, CPAWS Yukon works with aboriginal and public governments, local organizations, businesses and citizens to ensure the natural wealth we enjoy today is available for our children tomorrow.

The goal is preserving vast, meaningful tracts of the territory’s most beautiful and ecologically important forests, rivers, mountains and wetlands for all. We want land-use plans drafted before exploration and development occurs to avoid conflict, protect wild spaces and bring certainty to conscientious resource companies and other users of the land. Finally, we want meaningful public legislation drafted to safeguard our natural heritage into the future.

Decades of experience and success

CPAWS Yukon was founded in 1992 and is part of a national charity with 13 chapters and more than 40,000 supporters whose goal is to protect 50 per cent of Canada’s amazing natural places.  Since CPAWS was established in 1963, it has spearheaded the creation of two-thirds of Canada’s protected areas, representing about half a million square kilometres of publicly owned land.

The local chapter consists of members from all walks of Yukon society who demand responsible development that will benefit sustainable communities nestled in healthy, ecologically rich environments.

Join Us

We have a spectacular wilderness in the Yukon, but development is happening at a breakneck pace. You can help protect grizzly, moose and caribou habitat, wetlands that sustain migrating swans, huge tracts of boreal forest and spectacular mountain valleys.

These beautiful places are precious, and becoming all too rare on this planet. It is our responsibility to ensure they are around for our children and grandchildren.

Our Generous Supporters

Without generous support from our funders, we would not be able to do the work that we do. Thank you to the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and to the Patagonia Environmental Grants Fund of the Tides Foundation by Tides Canada Foundation.


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